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Afghan Female Student Who Was Injured in Bombing Passes University Entrance Exams

Students in Afghanistan have just finished their university entrance exams. But, one student has drawn the attention of news companies around the world. In September, Fatemeh Amiri and about 600 peo..

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In Spotlight

Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Collapses

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX went into sudden bankruptcy, sparking a crisis across the world and the resignation of its founder and CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. The exchange’s liquidity crisis has now resu..

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National News

Gordon Ramsay Denies Overcharging Korean Consumers

Since celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opened his burger restaurant in Jamsil, Seoul, many foodies have flocked to try out the menu. However, some have complained about the high prices of the burgers. M..

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The Lottery Winner’s Secret

Many lottery winners may choose to keep their identity secret for various reasons. Many want to protect themselves. But, one man in China who won almost $30 million (W40.5 billion) in the lottery has ..

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Sleeping Habits Affect Teenagers’ Brain Development

During their teenage years, it is common for people to change their sleeping habits. At this age, some people begin to prefer working or studying at night. Scientists wanted to test how these sleepi..

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