English Letters

To Maria / To Nick

From NickTo MariaSubject: Helping the communityDear Maria,Hi Maria! How are you? I’ve been occupied with my friends lately. You were right, though! I guess when people are going through a hard time..

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World News

Afghan Female Student Who Was Injured in Bombing Passes University Entrance Exams

Students in Afghanistan have just finished their university entrance exams. But, one student has drawn the attention of news companies around the world. In September, Fatemeh Amiri and about 600 peo..

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History of Sneakers

The history of sneakers takes us back to 1839. Without Charles Goodyear's invention of vulcanized rubber in 1839, sneakers might not exist. In the 1860s, rubber was first attached to sports shoes th..

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National News

Gordon Ramsay Denies Overcharging Korean Consumers

Since celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opened his burger restaurant in Jamsil, Seoul, many foodies have flocked to try out the menu. However, some have complained about the high prices of the burgers. M..

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Life Tips

How To Get Rid of Body Odor

We all smell a certain way, and having body odor is completely normal. However, when the smell gets really bad, people around you might not like it. People can be annoyed by the smell and might not ..

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